Below is a summary note of the state aid measures for companies affected by the COVID-19 crisis :

1- Companies concerned :

All legal entities not subject to the 35% tax rate and all sole proprietorships not subject to the flat-rate regime,

These companies must be affected within the meaning of Decree n ° 2020-308 of May 8, 2020 :

Decrease in turnover by 25% between March 2020 and March 2019, or

Decrease in turnover by 40% between April 2020 and April 2019

2 – Conditions for the benefit of the new measures :

Operating business,

Tax situation in good standing at the end of February 2020

Not in receivership

Non-release of permanent permanent and fixed-term employees (for contracts valid on the date of April 17, 2020 until their expiration).

3- What are the advantages that we can benefit from?

Refund of the VAT credit from the exploitation appearing on the declarations between February and September 2020 without the need to justify 6 successive months of postponement: application to be submitted before 12/31/2020,

Suspension of late payment penalties for tax declarations from April 1 to June 30, 2020,

Granting of the State Guarantee to obtain operating bank credits, these credits are refundable over a period of 7 years with two grace years, they can finance working capital: applications to be submitted before 05/30/2020,

Granting of the State Guarantee for rescheduling old SME loans: applications to be submitted before 05/30/2020

4 – Are not eligible for this funding :

The Sectors of commerce, finance, hydrocarbons, real estate development and telecom operators as well as SMEs that have already benefited from the support fund provided for by Law n ° 2014-54 and by art 14 of Law n ° 2017-66.

5- How is the request for state support made?

A digital platform has been put into operation by the Ministry of Finance since Monday, May 11,

Accessible on the following link:

The platform contains a pane :


-Company information,

-Online application, and

-Processing of the file,