On the occasion of the World Entrepreneurship Week, the Sfax Business Center organized a training cycle ranging from the research of the project idea to the development of the Business Plan, the creation of the company, franchise and ICT, and 60 entrepreneurs benefited from this training cycle for 2 days.

Project Idea Generation training, led by Mrs. Ahlem Jaoua, was held on creativity techniques and innovation,

During the Introduction session to the Creation of the company, animated by Mrs. Rahma Graja,

Mr Ahmad Mhiri, young entrepreneur, accompanied by the Business Center of Sfax founder of the Company Univapeur shared with us his success story, he delivered important messages of hope, a debate took place on the creation process, the qualities of the entrepreneur, the passage through the financing institutions.

The entrepreneurs benefited from a session on the Business plan, moderated by Mr Sami Zayani, who explained the stages of developing a Business plan, how to calculate the profitability of the project, market research and technical study.

A training on information and communication techniques followed by a training on the franchise, its definition, its legal framework, and the financing mechanisms of the franchise, animated by Mrs. Noura ben Mansour.