An improvement in the ranking of Tunisia in the Doing Business report inevitably goes through several avenues. According to a note from the ITCEQ entitled “Doing Business 2020 Report: On the path of reforms, Tunisia continues to improve its ranking”.

According to the ITCEQ report, the avenues consist in the establishment and consolidation of private credit bureaus. As well as the effective implementation of a corporate governance code, the encouragement of companies to use arbitration. And this, during the resolution of disputes. In addition to the automation of the courts and the introduction of online legal services.

To this end, the author of this note draws up a list of recommendations :

Shortening of electricity connection times;
Improvement of the judicial reorganization procedure;
Participation of creditors in decision-making. In particular in the insolvency settlement process and the digitization of the cadastre;
Improvement of international business practices;
Facilitation of import-export in the port of Rades. While improving the efficiency of the STAM and investing in port infrastructure.
Tunisia must pursue reforms related to the business climate

The author also recalled that “Tunisia was able, in 2020, to reverse the trend for the second consecutive year. Indeed, after losing 42 places between 2012 and 2018 (from 46th to 88th), it gained 8 places in 2019 and 2 places in 2020. And this, to occupy the 80th and the 78th rank respectively”.

Also, “Tunisia comes 2nd in North Africa, behind Morocco (53rd). And 5th for the second consecutive year at the African level. At the level of the Arab world, Tunisia is ranked 8th (against 5th in 2019). It is preceded by the United Arab Emirates (16th), Bahrain (43rd), Morocco (53rd). As well as Saudi Arabia (62nd), Oman (68th), Jordan (75th) and Qatar (77th) “.

The same source revealed that “in 2020, Tunisia posted good points on 5 indicators. In fact, significant progress has been noted in obtaining building permits (+45) and in starting a business (+44). And in the payment of taxes and taxes (+25), the protection of minority investors (+22) and the transfer of ownership (+11) “.

Also according to the ITCEQ note, “Today, if Tunisia has managed to move from the 80th place in the 2018 report to the 78th place in that of 2020, it still needs to pursue reforms related to the business climate. And this, to improve its positioning within the North African countries and keep up with the same pace of competing countries. Like Morocco, which rose from the 128th place in 2010 to the 53rd place in 2020”.