As part of its 2019 program, ENPACT is launching a call for applications for the second cohort of the Regional Mentoring project, which is part of the “strengthening the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Tunisia” program.

This program is aimed at entrepreneurs who want to develop their companies and start-ups and professionals who want to share their experiences with them and mentor them..
If you are interested, please apply:

The link to apply as an entrepreneur: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSccnx9Rd_YD8c9gTND_GOdtSfBJXhqMwZi8yh220FAFIQD5Ow/viewform

To apply as a mentor please send your CV and cover letter.

If you know any entrepreneurs, we would like to count on your help. We would like you to share this opportunity with your networks and acquaintances and to recommend entrepreneurs to us in order to contact them to be able to participate in our program.

The program “strengthening the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Tunisia” aims at the global promotion of a variety of actors and is composed of several complementary modules, which target diverse audiences and include multiple stakeholders in order to promote entrepreneurship through different angles in Tunisia. That is to say that the modules include entrepreneurship, regions, young actors, support and supervision services and networking.

The entire program is funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)GmbH has entrusted enpact e. V. with the implementation of this module in Tunisia.