As part of its startup support activities, Flat6labs organized yesterday, March 13, 2019, its 3rd demo day since its installation in Tunis. 7 entrepreneurs were thus able to present their projects in front of an audience of investors.

This ceremony comes to close a 4-month journey during which these startups were able to benefit from close support from entrepreneurs and experts, from Tunisia and abroad.

The third cohort of Flat6Labs is composed of 7 companies operating in diversified sectors ranging from marketing to robotics.

By pitching their projects in front of more than 150 local investors, these young entrepreneurs hope to be able to seduce them to support them in the development of their companies, not only on the local market, but also in the Mena region and in Africa.

A not so easy task. But the startups supported by Flat6labs have all the chances on their side, said Yehia Houri, director of Flat6labs Tunis. Indeed, 50% of the startups supported by Flat6labs succeed in raising funds.

In total, the startups of the previous two cohorts managed to raise 6.5 million dinars.

The 7 startups of the 3rd cohort
This startup has developed a completely digital recruitment platform. Thanks to this solution, companies will be able to publish their job offers directly to receive only the files of candidates whose profile corresponds to the needs of the position. The startup has also developed a feature that allows you to conduct recruitment interviews through delayed videos.

It is an advertising platform connecting advertisers and nano-influencers. The latter, through the Boostini platform, share on their social networks links to articles or services to be promoted. With each purchase operation, these influencers are then compensated.

Using artificial intelligence, this startup allows you to develop an application in at least 10 minutes … without writing code!

This new solution makes it possible to transform mobile games into platforms allowing players to play in multiplayer mode. This solution, simple to implement, will allow game developers to easily monetize their creations.

This startup has developed an IoT decision support platform for farmers. Thanks to a collar worn by the animal, MooMe makes it possible to measure a set of indicators related to its fertility and its health.

Forget about plastic loyalty cards, which are easy to lose, and which we always forget to bring back when we need them! Grabingo is an application that wants to replace these cards in order to help merchants better retain their customers.

Pulled Robots
This young startup designs and manufactures robots for industries 4.0. Flexible, precise and versatile, Tira Robots Robots have a significant advantage over the competition: prices up to 45% cheaper!

Source: The Manager