The Tunisian Professional Association of banks and financial institutions (APTBEF) reacted to the publication of the BCT circular n ° 2020-12 of May 28, 2020 relating to new exceptional bank financing granted to companies and professionals.

The APTBEF recalled that the Central Bank of Tunisia (BCT) has just promulgated Thursday the circular relating to the refinancing, under certain conditions, by the BCT of Tunisian banks of the effort to finance companies affected by the coronavirus crisis.

This circular, adds the association, is in addition to Decree n ° 6-2020 already promulgated by the head of government, in its part State guarantee mechanism. They will thus constitute the company’s financing base during this difficult period. And this in order to ensure, at the same time, the maintenance of the activities of these companies. And to contribute in particular to their revival.

“The state guarantee mechanism is now operational. It can be used by customers who can make, from now on, the request to their banks, ” announces the Association.

And to add that the banking sector has, since the beginning of the crisis, begun to support companies. This sector does not fail to increase its contribution even more with the new texts. The objective is to allow a return to normal for its customers and, more generally, for the Tunisian economy.

For the APTBEF, the period that is looming is a delicate period. It will indeed be necessary to demonstrate flexibility and speed in all phases of processing files. And especially in the overall process (intra and extra banks) of setting up competitions, their refinancing and their coverage.

“Only in this way can the objectives targeted by the new texts be achieved,” adds the APTBEF.

In the end, the association reaffirmed that the banking sector is committed, as usual, to demonstrating a great sense of responsibility and great responsiveness at this crucial time.

By The Maghreb Economist