May 2, 2019 at ISET

This day was organized, as part of the UVIS project (Green & Intelligent University of Sfax), by the ISET of Sfax and the Business Center of Sfax, in collaboration with the Association of Research, Development and

Innovation-ARDI and the Sfax Innovation Incubator II.

Event a includes a plenary session, enriched by the interventions of industrialists and

Universities; and an innovation village in IAA. The latter has been subdivided into 3 spaces :

Scientific research exhibitors and the caravan of entrepreneurship.

3rd Caravan of Entrepreneurship

On the sidelines of this day, the Sfax Business Center organized the 3rd Entrepreneurship Caravan, with the participation of 13 support and financing structures.

90 participants showed up at this space, and the majority of them were divided into students and

young graduates. The participation of teachers and engineers was also noted.

The purpose of this caravan is to meet students and young graduates and raise their awareness of business creation, it should be noted that the Sfax Business Center organized in 2019 two editions of the caravan in universities, the first at the Graduate School of Commerce and the second at the International Institute of Technology IIT.